AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper


AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper
AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel is an easier and simpler way to help you cleanse your body, detoxify your uterus and vagina, and restore girly firmness and radiance in 4 weeks!

AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

  • En un ensayo clínico de 28 días con 500 participantes, se demostró que el producto tiene un efecto positivo significativo en las mujeres que padecen vaginitis bacteriana, derrame uterino, trastornos menstruales, sequedad vaginal, mal olor y picazón.
  • Los resultados de los ensayos clínicos y los cuestionarios han demostrado que el producto también es muy eficaz en el tratamiento de trastornos ginecológicos como EM, PCOS y fibromas uterinos.
  • Para el síndrome de deficiencia de estrógeno causado por factores como la menopausia, la histerectomía (sequedad vaginal, atrofia vaginal, inflamación del tracto urinario), tiene muy buenos efectos terapéuticos.
  • Al ser capaz de ofrecer resultados notables de desintoxicación corporal y reducción de la inflamación, también es muy eficaz para la acumulación de grasa, linfedema, etc.

Take a look at what our happy customers are saying:

I changed into continually feeling exhausted and swollen and my husband were given worn-out of getting intercourse with me due to the fact my privates changed into dry and smelled like fish. My medical doctor advocated this gel and he advised me it’d resolve my problem. He changed into certainly right! After simply months of use, all of the issues fell apart. My privates odor is all gone, it seems company and moist, and what`s even greater top notch is that I even misplaced loads of weight earlier than I knew it. This is top notch! it looks firm and moist, and what’s even more amazing is that I even lost a lot of weight before I knew it. This is amazing! Now my husband and I are getting closer again. All thanks to this gel. I’m glad have it!

Hallie Holland—Oakland, California

AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

I heard about this product from my friend and she told me it helped her heal her irregular periods and vaginal inflammation issues and get rid of cellulite and edema within a few weeks. She gave me some product and assured me that it really works. I felt the difference two days after trying it. I’ve literally seen a lot of dirty, wet-wipe-like stuff coming out of my body. I immediately ordered a 2 month’s supply on the website. After using it for a few weeks, my lower body dryness and odor have been completely resolved, my period is normal at the same time every month, and my pussy looks tight and tender!! and even more amazingly, it has helped me lose about 30 pounds, and now I am is a big fan of it. This really is a game-changer!

Ashley Poole—Bangor, Maine


Las toxinas(desechos corporales) Fuck Cancer. destruir su cuerpo!

The special body structure of women makes it easier for toxins to accumulate in the uterus and vagina, and some external factors (frequent sexual intercourse, pregnancy, bacterial infection caused by inadequate cleaning) will make it worse, mainly manifested as vaginal odor, itching, dryness, Dull color, abnormal leucorrhea, and frequent inflammation. When too many toxins accumulate in the vagina, they will not be able to be discharged normally, which can even cause swelling and obesity in the body.

AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

Toxins cause abnormal fat storage and low metabolism by affecting hormonal balance, while our bodies retain water and fat to defend against visible threats. Thus, the result could be an abnormally swollen body and some insidious diseases.

Dr. Ursula and her team & AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel

“Women are more likely to accumulate toxins in the uterus and vagina. By directing toxins out of the uterus and cleaning the vagina for fast and effective body detoxification, our program can make your body’s endocrine system healthy again to address a variety of women’s problems.”

Developed by the research team of Dr. Ursula Kaiser, AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel combines a variety of recombinant human collagen, L-Lysine and a variety of botanicals to effectively remove toxins accumulated in the vagina and uterus, allowing the endocrine system and circulation The function of the system is normalized and the regeneration of the vaginal skin tissue is promoted, finally restoring the firmness and health of the vagina within 4 courses (28 days).

AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

“AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel is a milestone in my research career and I am very proud of our team for creating a product that is an excellent solution to eliminate toxins, regulate the endocrine system and restore vaginal health in women.”

How does AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel work?

El gel vaginal de desintoxicación natural AnnieCare® se aplica en la vagina a través de un aplicador desechable estéril y luego se absorbe a través de las membranas mucosas, lo que ayuda a expulsar naturalmente los desechos de toxinas (a menudo con el aspecto de una toallita húmeda) a través de la vagina en 8 horas. Finalmente, puede ayudar al sistema endocrino y al metabolismo del cuerpo humano a volver a la normalidad, brindarle una vagina rosada femenina, firme y saludable, y reducir la retención de agua y grasa en el cuerpo, ayudar al cuerpo a restaurar una forma corporal saludable.

AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel helps Las hembras Restore VaginaSalud.

AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

The Key Ingredients of AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel

Recombinant collagen:

AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

Collagen is a key ingredient for skin regeneration. Dr. Ursula Kaiser’s research team added recombinant collagen beneficial to human absorption into the gel through experimental editing and reorganization, which can effectively help the vaginal skin regenerate and restore firmness and tenderness.


Helps the vagina restore the balance of normal vaginal flora and inhibits the reproduction of harmful flora such as Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli and so on. Effectively eliminates vaginal odor and bacterial inflammation. Unblocks the body’s detoxification channels.

7 extractos de plantas naturales:

Plant extracts such as gingerol, madecassoside, and isosaconside can effectively help with the excretion of toxins in the body, eliminate metabolic wastes, and enable the body to resist inflammation.


AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

L-Arginine is clinically proven to be absorbed through the mucous membranes, which could strengthen your lymphatic system, unclog blockage and create healthy detoxification pathways to reduce waste that builds up in the vagina.

Chelsea’s 12-week Vaginal Detox & Firming Repair & Pink and Tender journey with the help of AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel:

Soy un empresario familiar. Estar mucho tiempo sentado y la hora irregular de acostarme han afectado mi cuerpo. Mi período solo viene una vez cada dos o tres meses. La parte inferior de mi cuerpo está deformada y suelta, y huele a pescado. Mi barriga se hinchó como una bola de agua, mi esposo ni siquiera quería acostarse conmigo, siempre tenía excusas. Creo que estoy a punto de perderlo.
I think is time to change. I found this gel online and after the first use, I can noticeably feel a lot less odor and I do feel a lot more comfortable.

After 6 weeks of use, I feel a big difference. My period came on time and the smell was completely gone! My vagina looks like a new one. At the same time my tummy has cleared up a lot, and my arms are no longer swollen, you can see the difference in the photos, I will stick with it, happy to see more difference in the next few weeks!

¡No puedo creerlo! ¡Se puede lograr un cambio tan grande sin recurrir a la cirugía, mi vagina ahora está firme y rosada, y mi edema y celulitis desaparecieron por completo! Mi esposo estaba tan asombrado con mi cambio que ahora me persigue todas las noches. Este producto es realmente sorprendente, puedes sentir que las toxinas se eliminan de tu cuerpo después de cada uso, es un producto tan efectivo y fácil de usar, ¡y lo recomiendo a todos como yo!

Chelsea Palmer,28, Houston, Texas

What makes the AnnieCare® Natural Detox Vaginal Gel tu gran eleccion?

  • Repara el útero y la vagina dañados
  • Aprieta la vagina y restaura el color rosado.
  • Metabolismo mejorado
  • Previene enfermedades ginecológicas
  • 48 horas de limpieza non-stop de tu cuerpo
  • Elimina la grasa corporal y la hinchazón.
  • Eficaz en 7 días (2 usos)

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AnnieCare® Instant Itching Stopper

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