Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist


Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist
Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

Kuse-scene RiceWater Hair SerumMist

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

“My coworkers and I often tease each other about whose hairline will recede the first. However, I didn’t expect it to be me! I noticed that my hairline started to slowly inch upwards in a matter of months and then in just a year, I lost a good portion of my hair! I’ve tried everything but this rice water mist gave the best and most consistent results! In just a few weeks my hair started to patch up again and in less than half a year, my head was covered back in healthy black hair!” -Oliver, 45, California 

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

“I have really thin and sensitive hair; it doesn’t take much for my hair to fall in clumps. I’ve always wanted to have thick and flowy hair like my sister and this Rice water treatment really works wonders! I noticed that a small bald and thinning spot on the side of my head have started growing little hairs. What I like the most is that my new hair and existing hair have grown stronger and more resistant to chemicals like conditioners and harsh shampoos. I no longer experience hair loss when I comb, and the texture of my hair becomes much more manageable and smoother!” -Ami, 34, Sacramento 

Hair: The Accessory Organ Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

Most of us brush and comb our hair without a second thought. We mostly style it to our liking and the appropriateness of our profession. We often barely give any attention to how important our hair actually is! 

Our hair is an accessory that grows within the outer layers of our skin. Our skin grows from little pockets on our skin called “hair follicles” or simply “follicles”. Once our hair pops out from the follicles, our hair is considered dead skin cells, which is why we can tease, heat, iron, and bleach our hair without pain. 

If these are dead skin cells, why is our hair important? Hair protects sensitive areas of our bodies such as our head and private areas from dirt, dust, pollution, and other opportunistic infections. It also helps regulate our body temperature by shielding our skin from hot and cold climates. 

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

Hair Loss or Alopecia is a condition where you stop growing hair. It often happens to men as they contain more androgen which is responsible for hair loss. However, hair loss can happen in women as well. Hair loss is often a symptom of psychological stress, an underlying symptom of a disease, and the result of inadequate or improper hair care.

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

¿Tienes el cabello debilitado? ¿Experimentas pérdida de cabello? ¿Quieres recuperar tu juventud y belleza con una cabeza llena de cabello saludable?

Si respondió SÍ a al menos una de estas preguntas, ¡entonces ha venido al lugar correcto! Introduciendo el  ¡Kuse-scene RiceWater Hair SerumMist!  Hecho de ESENCIA DE AGUA DE ARROZ5% MINOXIDILCENTRO ASIATICA   tu cabello crecería largo y seductor en solo un lapso de meses.

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

Rice Water (Oryza Sativa Water). El agua de arroz es  made from boiled or soaked rice. It is packed with nutrients and it is often drunk as a part of soft diets for people with digestive issues. However, it is also beneficial for your hair. Rice water has been used as a hair treatment in Asia for centuries! Rice water is packed with nutrients such as 

  • Vitamin B- Supplements hair growth  and prevents oxidation and premature hair aging (whitening)
  • Vitamin C- Reduces hair growth, prevents dryness, and split ends
  • Vitamin E- Increases capillary circulation and improves the transportation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the scalp, thus increasing and stimulating hair and follicle growth 

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

Centella Asiática (Gotu Kola) is a plant native to Asia. Similar to other hair growth ingredients, Gotu Kola helps with increasing blood circulation to and around the scalp, which promotes follicle activation and growth. It also neutralizes the effects of free radicals, harmful chemicals that slowly degrade the cells. Its antioxidant properties también ayuda con keeping your hair retain its pigment and strength while increasing its length due to its ability to form protein fibers which are necessary for creating new follicles. 

What is the Kuse-scene RiceWater Hair SerumMist?

The Kuse-scene RiceWater Hair SerumMist is the solution to hair loss! It treats hair loss in masse in just 4-6 weeks of consistent use!

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

  • Prevents male and female alopecia 
  • Covers up  large patches of hair in just 4-6 weeks
  • Encourages the growth of hair by increasing circulation 
  • Stimulates and activates inactive follicles to produce hair
  • Contains vitamins and antioxidants that protect your hair from premature aging and pigment loss
  • Enhances your hair’s resistance to external factors during styling as well as environmental factors such as humidity and cold
  • Ensures your hair is adequately hydrated for a healthier shine
  • Encourages proper and sustained hair growth and prevents split ends 

Aliana has been using the Kuse-scene RiceWater Hair SerumMist for over three weeks now and it has done wonders for her once dull and patchy hair. Here’s what she has to say!

Kuse-Scene™ Japanese Rice Water Hair SerumMist

Antes de Usar 

“I’ve always wanted to grow my hair. However, every time I let my hair reach past my shoulders, the tips of my hair become frayed, and dry, and I have a bad case of split ends. My hair is also sensitive to most conditioners and treatments, which leaves my hair even more brittle. However, my stylist recommended using the  Kuse-scene RiceWater Hair SerumMist and I’ve been using it for a few days now.”

Después de su uso

“It’s been around two to three months now and my hair has improved by a long shot! I can’t believe how much my hair has grown without having split ends. My hair can now be styled and I love curling it! I also like how my hair has grown strong enough to resist conditioning and it doesn’t fall off when I comb it as well! I love how fresh my hair always feels and the added hydration didn’t make my hair heavy or too oily at all.”

Modo de Uso

  • Champú tu cabello
  • El SerumMist para el cabello con agua de arroz de Kuse-scene se puede usar en el cabello seco o húmedo (úselo según su comodidad y conveniencia). 
  • Aplique 1 o 2 aplicaciones de RiceWater Hair SerumMist de Kuse-scene en las manos limpias
  • Masajee el producto sobre la calvicie, el adelgazamiento o la entrada del cabello hasta que la piel lo absorba por completo.
  • Deje que el producto se seque.
  • Aplicar 1-2 veces al día, diariamente. 
  • Peina tu cabello 
  • Lava tus manos.
  • No utilice el producto en heridas abiertas y sangrantes.
  • Guardar en lugar fresco y seco
  • Solo para uso de adultos.
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