LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath


LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath
LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

Meet our happy customers to get to know the product better!

Stephanie was able to walk better now without the heavy feeling anymore…

LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

“I was skeptical at first when purchasing this item, but I figured just why not. I’m 27 years old – I’ve suffered with having swelling on my legs ever since the age of 22. Needless to say, I’m desperate and all I’m going to say is, I am using it twice a day (morning and night) for about 12 weeks. Can you see a difference? I’m not saying it’s a miracle product, but wow, it’s doing some work! I love it and will most definitely be buying again!”— Stephanie Johnson— 27, El Paso, Texas

Layla felt more confident showing her body…

Lower Leg Lymphedema — ShechterCare

“I purchased this product to help with vein issues. I have a group of veins in my leg that are painful and continue to leak and cause constant bruising. Within 12 weeks the veins have healed and the bruising is gone. My mom has swelling legs and I recommended this product to her. It is worth a try because it helps to relieve discomfort!!”— Layla Olivia— 34, Seattle, Washington
LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

The lymphatic system is our body’s “sewerage system” which means, it helps drain toxic and unnecessary waste from your body. Let’s dive in deeper.

Let’s talk about how lymphatic System works.


  • es el líquido que fluye a través del sistema linfático, un sistema compuesto por vasos linfáticos (canales) y ganglios linfáticos intermedios cuya función, al igual que el sistema venoso, es devolver el líquido de los tejidos a la circulación central.

El sistema linfático es una red de tejidos, vasos y órganos que trabajan juntos para mover un líquido acuoso e incoloro llamado linfa de regreso a su sistema circulatorio (su torrente sanguíneo). Unos 20 litros de plasma fluyen a través de las arterias del cuerpo y los vasos sanguíneos y capilares de las arteriolas más pequeñas todos los días.

Drenaje linfático manual Lethbridge | Masaje de drenaje linfático, Drenaje linfático, Drenaje linfático manual

¿Cuáles son los bloqueos que afectan al sistema linfático?

La obstrucción linfática es un bloqueo de los vasos linfáticos que drenan el líquido de los tejidos de todo el cuerpo y permiten que las células inmunitarias viajen donde se necesitan. La obstrucción linfática puede causar linfedema, lo que significa hinchazón debido a una obstrucción de los conductos linfáticos. Algunos de los bloqueos:

Cánceres | Texto completo gratuito | Válvulas linfáticas y flujo linfático en el linfedema relacionado con el cáncer

Hinchazón o acumulación de líquido (linfedema): el linfedema puede ser el resultado de un bloqueo en el sistema linfático causado por el tejido cicatricial de los vasos o ganglios linfáticos dañados. El linfedema también se observa con frecuencia cuando se extirpan los ganglios linfáticos de quienes se sometieron a cirugía o radiación para extirpar el cáncer.

  • Linfadenopatía: se refiere a los ganglios linfáticos que tienen un tamaño anormal
  • Linfedema: es la hinchazón debido a la acumulación de líquido linfático en el cuerpo
  • Linfoma: cáncer de la red de lucha contra los gérmenes del cuerpo del sistema linfático.
  • Linfangitis: definida como una inflamación de los canales linfáticos 
  • Linfocitosis: un recuento elevado de linfocitos, es un aumento de los glóbulos blancos 

Longitudinal cut of a normal, healthy blood vessel (left) and of a... |  Download Scientific Diagram

The Convenient and Natural Solution – Lymphatic Drainage

Foot bath, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. Foot bath involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.

LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

Ginger is a great natural solution for lymphatic drainage. Extracted from natural ginger benefits you by relieving swelling & pain. It helps lymphatic drainage and relief pain and swelling. It can help soothe and dissolve in sore, tired and achy muscles. Perfect for a foot bath, while leaving skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

That is the reason why this is created…

The LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath is an all-natural treatment that takes another level of detoxification and unclogged fatty tissues blocking drains in the lymphatic system. It also relieves stress, reduces swelling, relax spasm, boost for digestive health, promote blood circulation etc.

LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

Here are other benefits of the LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath:

  • Improves leg appearance
  • Clear out clogs
  • Promueve la circulación sanguínea saludable
  • Alivio para la rigidez de piernas y pies.
  • Reduce pressure points for better blood flow
  • disminución de la celulitis
  • Mejora de la elasticidad abdominal flácida
  • Mejora del brillo de la piel
  • Increasing the rate at which waste is removed from your body.
  • Elimina esas calorías no deseadas
  • Promote blood circulation, foot purifier pads, warm feet

LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

For a more effective explanation of this miracle foot soak’s process, let’s take Alexa Jorgen’s journey with the Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Foot Soak!

“I just discover this product through my friend who’s scrolling from an online shopping site. On the 1st week of using this product, I feel so comfortable. This made me believe that this product works. My legs felt a lot at ease and my calves are hurting a lot less”

LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

"Es el 4th week of using this product and I can’t believe that all the pain I’m experiencing is fading. Can you imagine that? For just 6 weeks, the clog-dissolving components soften the hardness of the swelling on my legs.”

LymphaticDrainage DetoxGinger FootBath

“My decision on keeping this product and using it regularly is so worth it. This product seriously works under my skin to get the vein which is a big help for me. For just 12 weeks it shows already it’s a big improvement.” 

– Julianna Perez— 39, Tampa, Florida 

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