MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum


MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum
MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

“I spent over $1,000 at a clinic for skin pigmentation. I overworked my face. I had even tried to chemically burn those ugly patches. Even though I tried too many freckle products, none worked. The only remedy was this serum. It saved my life. My friend recommended this MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum. I thought I should give it a try because I saw how smooth my friend’s skin was! To my surprise, I found my skin got better! After I noticed the difference and used about 4 bottles, my skin is getting brighter and my darkest spots and wrinkles are 99% gone!! I will keep using it to get my skin into a more youthful state!”— —Casey Baugher, 58, Los Angeles CA

“I’m 51 years old with a face full of dark spots melasma when I was young and it hasn’t stopped….I tried several skin care products, from expensive Japanese products, from US or any other Korean, but none of them were suitable for my face.I started with MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum and I followed the instructions carefully, plus wore this serum every day. My dark patches and melasma are almost completely gone!! Every day my face looks amazing, really radiant.I would give it 100 stars if I could!!! “–Theresa, 51, Detroit, MI

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum
“I’m a 32-year-old female who has been struggling with horrific acne since I was 24 years old. My face was so bad that I refused to leave the house without concealer on.  More than once I called into work sick because I was breaking out so bad I couldn’t make myself go out and face people.This stuff was truly a God-send for me.I am finally starting to feel confident in my skin. I can’t believe how clear my severe acne has become. It has even healed up and hidden some scars!! This product is absolutely wonderful and I will never stop buying this.”–George Schuldt, 32, Miami FL

Why We Get Dark Spots?

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

Our skin is a sensitive yet strong organ. It protects our internal organs from damage and plays a huge role in temperature regulation and our sense of touch. UV rays from the sun are beneficial in small doses but are lethal in high amounts.

Hyperpigmentation causes an unbalanced appearance of the skin, it is caused by sun damage. You can eliminate that with the Dark Spot Corrector Remover!

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

When a person is about 30 years old, the loss of nutrients in the skin will accelerate. Ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagen and amino acid that maintain the normal state of the skin will drop sharply, resulting in withered, dark, drooping, wrinkle and crack.

El Dr. Selina Hamill es un dermatólogo certificado por la junta y especialista en dermatología que tiene más de 30 años de experiencia en la industria de la belleza. Se destaca por su profesionalismo en la salud de la piel, así como por su enfoque para crear y mantener la piel con el aspecto más natural utilizando tratamientos cosméticos y tecnología dermatológica de última generación.

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

-Dr. Selina Hamill, 68(dermatologist)/New York

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum se considera que es el producto antienvejecimiento más efectivo en 2022 y es muy recomendado por la Dra. Diane.

“In a clinical trial, we used aging human fibroblasts as a model to examine the effects of plant stem cells on aging skin.We conducted a four-week clinical study on 3,000 subjects who used MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum, which contains active ingredients of plant stem cells. It turned out that there was encouraging effectiveness of the stem cell extract in reducing wrinkles on the face. After two weeks, wrinkles around the eyes were reduced by 68% and after four weeks by 99.8%.”-Dr. Selina Hamill

Key Solutions for Wrinkles and Dark Spots: MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

All ingredients are extracted from natural plants.

Mild and cruelty-free.

  • Acerola Cherry: Cherry contains a highly concentrated source of pure vitamin C that could visibly brighten and firm skin as well as restoring radiance. It helps fight aging signs and dry skin, and hydrates skin barrier. At the same time, it has a effect that prevents skin from damage by free radicals.
  • Vitamina C: Otra cosa interesante acerca de la vitamina C es que contiene una propiedad que previene la producción de melanina en la piel, que es lo que causa la decoloración de la piel como manchas oscuras e hiperpigmentación. Con el uso tópico continuado, La vitamina C puede ayudar a prevenir la formación de manchas oscuras, así como a curar gradualmente la piel, reduciendo así la decoloración y la hiperpigmentación.
  • Cúrcuma: Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. These characteristics may provide glow and luster to the skin. Studies have shown turmeric to reduce dark spots on the skin—AKA hyperpigmentation. In fact, one study showed that MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum reduced hyper-pigmentation up to 98 percent after four weeks of use.
  • Vitamina E: Vitamina E es un antioxidante eso ayuda prevent the skin from losing humedad and acts as an effective emollient. Además, prevents skin from UV damage. 
  • Té Verde: Green Tea is naturally rich in antioxidants, which protect your skin from the damaging effect of free radicals, reduce eye puffiness, and defies dark spots and discoloration by supporting skin cell renewal.
  • Aloe Vera: El gel de aloe vera tiene vitamina C y E, betacaroteno en abundancia. Por lo tanto, tiene propiedades antienvejecimiento. También ayuda a erradicar las imperfecciones de la piel y disminuir las líneas de edad. Además, ayuda a aumentar la producción de colágeno en el cuerpo y la elasticidad de la piel.
  • Acido hialurónico: You need to keep your face moisturized if you want to fight the signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in our body.  It’s been called the “key to the fountain of youthNo solo aporta esa humedad, sino que también ayuda a las células a retener la humedad producida por la piel. El ácido hialurónico tiene la capacidad de atraer y aguanta hasta 2,000 veces su peso en agua, por lo que es seguro decir que es un súper-hidratante de proporciones épicas. Rellena tu piel manteniendo la hidratación a este nivel que ayuda a borrar las líneas finas y las arrugas.
  • CeramidasCeramides exist naturally within the body. They are incredibly important to the health of the skin as part of the barrera natural de la pielCeramide is known as the "superestrellaof anti-aging ingredients! They hydrate skin all day to help restore the protective skin barrier, so as to reduce wrinkles, increase skin’s elasticity and slow skin aging.

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum  Has a Moisturizing and Whitening Formula That Helps Your Skin to Be Hydrated, Fairly Radiant and Healthy. It also can help you fight dark spots, hyperpigmentation, Melasma, sun spots, liver spots, freckles, uneven pigment, reduces acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum  is a Miracle Correcting Serum That is Specially Formulated to Provide an Instant Blemish Free Skin. It is Made of Premium Mix of Organic and Water-based Formula That is Guaranteed to Be Super Safe, Non-irritant, and Effective to Any Skin Type.  It is Recommended for All Parts of the Body.
MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum
  • Dermatologo probado : +93.2 % Facial Firmness&Hydration, Brightens +95.6 % de tu piel apagada
  • Adiós manchas oscuras : Dissolves melanin, erasing freckles, sun spots, age spots, acne scars, and more.
  • Resplandor saludable : Lightens and brightens uneven skin tones for fairer skin with a radiant glow.
  • Profundamente hidratante : Deeply penetrates the skin, providing refreshing hydration.
  • Cobertura de cuerpo completo : Applicable to dark spots on the face, elbows, knees, underarms, and other parts of the body.
  • Purely Organic : Formulated with all-natural ingredients known to nourish the skin like Turmeric and Lemon oil.
  • Skin-Safe : Effective and safe to use for all skin types.
  • Apto para todo tipo de piel: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin and mature skin.
  • Hecho en Estados Unidos:To maintain our uncompromising quality standards across the entire process of ingredient selection, all Youthful products are manufactured and packaged exclusively in the USA.

Melanie’s 6-week MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum usage result:

Semana 1:

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

"I saw the results the night I used it. My sensitive skin made me particularly picky about skin care products until I have got this one. After a week of use, I found that the skin began to recover elasticity and the wrinkles on my face began to disappear. I seem to have returned from 69 to 50 in just a week. “

Semana 3:

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

"This is the third week, wrinkles, dark circles, pouch, mantra lines, black spots continue to disappear on my face. I saw the amazing effect of the product. It looks like it’s about 40 now. I now touch my face and feel it become very watery, very moisturizing, and no longer as dry as it was at first. The chin is beginning to tighten, too. I am very satisfied with the current results, thank my dermatologist for giving me the recommendation. I will continue to use it until my wrinkles disappear completely. “

Semana 5:

MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

“This is the most effective product I use at present. This is the fifth week of my use, my face has returned to 35 años de edad, almost no wrinkles, black spots can be seen. Loose skin is also becoming tight again. To my surprise, my sensitive skin has also been repaired. Después de 5 semanas, my skin looks full of vitality and very young. I can’t wait to tell this secret to all my friends who need it. Thank you MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum. I like the new skin a lot. “

” After divorcing my husband at the age of 30, I started smoking, drinking and staying up late, and 20 years of indulgence made me look older than normal. When I learned that my ex-husband was married to a beautiful woman, I vowed to change. Unable to pay for the expensive surgery, I had to keep trying a lot of skin care products, but I never got results. Until I used MA114™ Dark Spot Corrector & Anti-Aging Collagen Serum for about five weeks, my skin was slowly repaired, my deep wrinkles began to disappear, and my relaxed skin began to recover. Finally, I no longer hate myself in the mirror. I regained the look I had when I was 20 years old!“-Georgina Carreón, 53/Austin, Texas

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