Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™


Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™
Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™

Help your lungs detoxify from all impurities! Before we introduce our products, let’s take a look at our happy customers.

Samara shared her awesome experience with our NATUREHEAL™ Lung Cleanse Nasal Spray after using it for 5 weeks! Keep it up, Sam!

Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™

“I have severe respiratory problems due to changing weather nowadays. I had constant sleep difficulties and this made me very irritated to the point that I couldn’t do my daily chores.. I tried many products, but none of them worked. Until a friend recommended this nasal spray to me which I have been using consistently for 5 weeks and to my surprise, the phlegm/mucus on my lungs have been completely eliminated! I feel so relaxed now! My breathing and sleep quality are much better, as well. I am so glad at the change in myself.” – Samara Rasher, Sparks, Nevada

Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™

“I’ve been a smoker for years now and started wheezing at night just some days ago. So I searched online to see if there was anything to help with that and I found NATUREHEAL™. It took away the wheezing and I don’t even have to use it everyday. During that time, I could literally feel warmth in my lungs after I used it. This is a little miracle worker! I highly recommend it!” – Robert Woods, Phoenix, Arizona

What are respiratory diseases? Let’s take a look.

Respiratory system diseases include respiratory allergies, asthma, pneumoconiosis, fungal/bacterial/viral pneumonia, etc., which are diseases that humans can easily get through the environment, and can be cured by cleaning and repairing the lungs and respiratory tract. Many people lack a proper understanding of respiratory diseases and lack health care for their bodies. Coupled with the raging virus in recent years and some bad living habits (smoking, dust inhalation, long-term exposure to allergens), the health condition has deteriorated and brought great difficulties and inconvenience to normal life and work.

Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™

Bajo la influencia del entorno de trabajo, el entorno de vida y los malos hábitos de vida, el aire que respiran los humanos ya no es puro ni natural. Inhalamos mucho humo y polvo todos los días, y estos objetos extraños permanecen en la tráquea y los pulmones. Para resistir estas sustancias extrañas, el cuerpo secretará una gran cantidad de líquido corporal, formando mucosidad (flema) en los pulmones. Cuando esta mucosidad y sustancias extrañas no se pueden excretar del cuerpo, se causarán algunas de las enfermedades mencionadas anteriormente, en casos severos, incluso puede ser mortal.

Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™

Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™ was developed by Dr.Lonnie’s research team. It creatively reconstructs collagen and combines a variety of plant extracts to reduce stress by stimulating allergens, and promotes the self-cleaning of the respiratory system to expel the lung’s waste and mucus, and give you a healthy lung.

Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™

¿Cómo funciona el aerosol nasal NATUREHEAL™ Lung Cleanse?

Nuestro spray nasal NATUREHEAL™ Lung Cleanse se inhala por la nariz, luego se absorbe a través de la tráquea, estimula y diluye la mucosidad en la tráquea y los pulmones, y  ayuda a expulsar la flema y los residuos pulmonares dentro de 2 horas, desbloqueando sus vías respiratorias. también puede ayudar corregir su sistema inmunológico para reducir las reacciones alérgicas a través de la terapia de desensibilización, tratar eficazmente las alergias respiratorias/asma y otras enfermedades.

The Powerful Key Ingredients of NATUREHEAL™ Lung Cleanse Nasal Spray:


Quercetin is the key ingredient of Aerosol nasal de limpieza pulmonar NATUREHEAL™. Dr. Lonnie has been researching quercetin for many years, and he found that they are very effective in reversing lung fibrosis. In addition, it can also promote the functional activation and detoxification of lung cells and has a very extraordinary effect.

Péptidos de colágeno recombinantes:

Collagen is a key component of cell regeneration. Dr. Lonnie’s research team added recombinant collagen, which is beneficial to human absorption – which can effectively help lung cells and tracheal tissue regenerate, and restore youth and vitality.

Péptidos antimicrobianos:

Los péptidos antimicrobianos tienen un efecto curativo muy bueno sobre la infección crónica del pulmón y la inflamación del tracto respiratorio y son ampliamente utilizados en la prevención y combate de diversas inflamaciones del sistema respiratorio.

7 extractos de plantas naturales:

Los extractos de plantas como el extracto de ciruela dorada, el ácido oleanólico, el calcio vitex y otros extractos de plantas pueden inhibir eficazmente la inflamación local, ayudar a combatir las reacciones alérgicas en el tracto respiratorio, estimular la secreción de fluidos corporales en los pulmones y diluir la flema acumulada y la basura acumulada. en los pulmones para pasar a través de la tráquea Déjalo salir y deja respirar fácilmente de nuevo.

Let’s take a look at Gina’s 8-week journey using NATUREHEAL™ Lung Cleanse Nasal Spray:

Semana 2:

“I have a serious lung problem, which causes me to constantly cough and be embarrassed when out in public. After using NATUREHEAL™, I immediately noticed a difference in my breathing! I felt so much better! I will keep using this to observe and see how this goes.”

Semana 4:

“In just a month, all that mucus in my lungs was expelled. I even noticed that I don’t cough anymore and no wheezing at night. I must admit that I’m starting to believe that this nasal spray is more than just a gimmick.”

Semana 8:

“After 8 weeks, my final results were incredible. I can say that it is a miracle to breathe clearly these days with all the pollution around. Proven and tested that this product is perfect and effective. Let my journey inspire everyone to have cleaner and mucus-free lungs.”

EL NATUREHEAL™ Lung Cleanse Nasal Spray has been proven to:

  • Reparar las vías respiratorias y los pulmones dañados
  • Limpiar la flema y la basura acumulada en los pulmones
  • Mejorar y curar alergias respiratorias/asma
  • Prevención de Enfermedades Respiratorias
  • Reparar las secuelas de la neumonía viral
  • Le permite respirar fácilmente de nuevo

Cómo utilizar:

  1. Límpiese la nariz y las manos antes de utilizar el producto.
  2. Agite la botella y abra la tapa.
  3. Inserte la fosa nasal. Rocíe e inhale y luego exhale.
  4. Utilizar 3 veces al día.
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