NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device


NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device
NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device

Lo que dicen los clientes

“I’ve  been using this everyday for almost three months now and the NuBeautyPlus™ really worked to  ease the stress on my skin and muscles. I love how I don’t have those lines on my neck anymore. I love how I can crane my head up and don’t feel the tightness and itchiness of the skin. All in all, this is the perfect non-invasive product for me!” -Maureen, 32, Tallahassee 

NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device

“I tend to look older for my age and I hate that. However, I was able to restore some of my youth with NuBeautyPlus™ Device. All I had to do is charge it during the day, slip it on at night, and sleep with the device on. Come next day, my skin feels fresh and relaxed for showering and skincare!” -Elizabeth, 56, New Hampshire

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: A Workout for Your Face

Here at NuBeautyPlus™, we’re concentrating on the cosmetic electrotherapy branch of EMS. Our EMS device uses gentle, low-level microcurrent impulses to stimulate facial nerves.

When the nerves are engaged, they send a message to the brain. Neurons in the brain then return the message to the surrounding muscle fibers, causing them to expand and contract.

This expansion and contraction is precisely what your body does when you’re working out. When you use an EMS device on your face, think of it as every muscle group doing tiny crunches. The result is a toned look, with skin that’s tighter and smoother. One of our favorite parts is that the benefits are immediate sin tiempo de recuperación.

NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device

How EMS Facials Work

You have 43 muscles in your face. In order for them to stay toned, they need to be active—and that’s where EMS comes in. As your facial muscles get their workout from an EMS machine, your body responds by increasing the output of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

ATP is the primary chemical energy source for muscular functions, enhancing overall strength and flexibility. Your body also accesses ATP for cellular functions, driving skin cell turnover and renewal ­for firmness and suppleness.

Consistent EMS use can give your jawline and cheeks a more distinct, chiseled, and contoured appearance. EMS can also boost your overall cellular metabolism, increase blood circulation for a healthy glow, and support your natural lymphatic system processes to flush toxins out of the body.

Additionally, the firming and lifting of each set of muscles reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring the skin’s youthful elasticity.

Basically, as your collagen production accelerates, you benefit from all the goodness it brings.

Recommended by Dermatologist

NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device

Matthew Brown, Doctor en Medicina, FAAD

Dermatólogo certificado por la junta

“As a dermatologist, I often see patients who are concerned about excess facial fat and skin laxity. That’s why I’m excited to endorse the NuBeautyPlus as a safe and effective option for achieving a more contoured and youthful appearance. This non-invasive device uses a combination of ultrasonic and microcurrent technology to break down facial fat and promote collagen production for tighter, firmer skin. I appreciate that it’s easy to use and can be incorporated into your regular skincare routine. The device is also suitable for all skin types, making it a versatile option for anyone seeking to improve their facial contours. I’ve seen the impressive results that my patients have achieved with this product and I’m confident that it can help you achieve your beauty goals as well. I highly recommend the NuBeautyPlus to anyone looking for a safe and effective way to enhance their facial appearance.”

NuBeautyPlus™ Multi-Function Device

NuBeautyPlus™ Multi-Function Beauty Device is a small, handheld,4-in-1 that combines EMS technology with therapeutic warming, ultrasonic vibration, and red light therapy. It’s suitable for use around the eyes and on the face and neck to help reverse the visible effects of aging and sun damage.

One of the best parts? NuBeautyPlus™ is small enough to fit in your purse or clutch and can go with you anywhere for facial refreshing on demand.

Therapeutic Warming

therapeutic warming

Therapeutic warming delivers stimulation deep into the skin’s layers for improved circulation. The activation of your lymphatic system helps cleanse dead and dying skin cells from your body naturally. But don’t worry—the device never gets too warm to the touch, keeping your experience comfortable and soothing.

Microcurrent EMS

microcurrent EMS

The EMS function gently lifts and tones your skin, upping your collagen and elastin production. Your body uses these building blocks to restructure scaffolding under the skin’s surface, remodeling from within. The result is more elastin fibers and collagen thickness.

Terapia de luz roja

terapia de luz roja

Medical-grade LED lights send safe, warm non-UV light directly into the skin’s layers, which prompts cellular turnover and renewal. Over time, your body rejuvenates itself from the inside out, revealing fresh new skin cells that look young and smooth. Minor skin imperfections simply fade away, replaced with supple facial skin.

Vibración sónica

vibración ultrasónica

A gentle ultrasonic setting works to relax and open pores gently for maximum absorption of your chosen serum. The extra depth that the serum reaches can provide a long-lasting effect to keep your skin nourished and supple for hours. Vibrations also stimulate circulation and give your face a healthy glow.

NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device

How You Will Benefit from NuBeautyPlus™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

  • Reducir las arrugas del cuello
  • Mejora la elasticidad de la piel.
  • Mejora y ayuda a la capacidad de la piel para absorber los productos para el cuidado de la piel.
  • Mejora la firmeza de la piel.
  • Crema antienvejecimiento
  • Mejora la fuerza muscular de la barbilla y la cara.
  • Reduce los ronquidos
  • Levanta la cara
  • Mejora y agudiza los rasgos faciales.

La experiencia de Faith con el dispositivo EMS Sleeping V-Face Beauty 

Antes de Usar

Faith ha estado lidiando con las arrugas desde que cumplió veinticinco años. La pérdida de colágeno hizo que su cara y cuello se hundieran, lo que la hacía parecer mayor de lo que realmente era. No tenía el tiempo ni el dinero para reservar costosos tratamientos dermatológicos y, por lo tanto, su médico le recomendó que usara el dispositivo de belleza EMS Sleeping V-Face para reparar su piel y devolverle su gloria juvenil.

Herencia Hispana

NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device

After almost a month of nightly use, she noticed her skin become tighter. The wrinkles have started to decrease in prominence and depth. She also doesn’t feel the itchiness on her skin thanks to the increased penetration the vibration gave her neck muscles and neck skin.

Mes 3 en adelante

Tres meses después, los cuellos de su piel se han vuelto menos prominentes. Todavía había líneas, pero era natural debido a cómo es el cuerpo. Ahora, se ve mucho más joven gracias al dispositivo de belleza EMS Sleeping V-Face.

 NuBeautyPlus™ EMS V-Face Device

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