Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones


Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Kidney Care Patch (30 Pcs)
Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

Let us hear success stories from our happy and relieved customers!

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

“Since I’m getting mayor, I felt that my kidney is giving away, I suffered cálculos renales, and it is so hard for me to just urinate normally, then my friend told me about this product and I tried it. In just 1 día I felt so relieved, I can urinate with ease and comfort! This patch is tan increíble”!– Ken Butler, Colorado, USA

“Tengo muy graves linfedema lo que ha hecho que mis piernas se vuelvan tan gruesas que no puedo caminar y vivir normalmente. Y era una amenaza para la vida, mi médico de cabecera me dijo que era en gran parte debido a riñón el fracaso, which was unable to filter toxins out of the body and flush excess water out of the body. So he recommended the Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Kidney Care Patch to me, which I use every day. After using it for 1 semana, I felt obvious changes, my body was no longer sore and swollen, and I was able to sleep well. After 8 semanas of use, my lymphedema has disappeared and I feel full of energy. After going to the hospital for examination, I found that my kidney function has become stronger again, and the toxins in the body have been excreted, and my health has been restored. Great patch, thanks.”–Abdirazak Musa, Oklahoma, EE. UU.

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

“My calf was inexplicably swollen, which I later learned was due to enfermedad renal. I started using Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Kidney Care Patch on the recommendation of a friend. After using 2 cajas, the situation has improved, and the swelling is slowly disappearing. I will continue to use it until it is back to normal.” — Holly Dickinson, Vancouver, Canada

¿Sabes cómo funciona nuestro sistema linfático?

El sistema linfático es una red de tejidos y órganos en el cuerpo que ayuda en la eliminación de productos de desecho, venenos, grasas extra y otras sustancias no deseadas. Emplea los ganglios linfáticos, órganos diminutos distribuidos por todo el cuerpo, para ayudar a eliminar los productos de desecho, los lípidos disueltos y las toxinas del líquido linfático.

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

The lymphatic system plays a role in disposing of waste from the body. Lymph produced by lymph glands scattered throughout the body absorbs dead cells, excess fluid, and other toxins from food, and is recycled to the lymph nodes, where the las toxinas are filtered out into the bloodstream, into the pielhígadoRiñones and other excretory organs, and then excreted through transpiracióndefecaciónmicción. Lymphatic blockage, which can also be brought on by waste and toxin accumulation, decreased immunity, and genetic anomalies of the lymphatic channels, can result in primary lymphedema.

¿Cuáles son los bloqueos que tienen un impacto en el sistema linfático?

Defective kidney function can affect the veins, glands, and organs of the lymphatic system. Some occur before birth or over the course of childhood. Others are brought on by disease or damage. Both common and unusual diseases and illnesses of the lymphatic system include the ones listed below:

  • Linfadenopatía – Ganglios linfáticos agrandados (hinchados)
  • El linfedema – Hinchazón o acumulación de líquido
  • Linfoma – Cánceres del sistema linfático
  • Linfangitis – Inflamación de los vasos linfáticos
  • Linfocitosis – una afección en la que hay una cantidad de linfocitos en el cuerpo superior a la normal.

The importance of a healthy kidney

Tus riñones remove wastes and extra fluid from your body. And Control fluids and blood pressure. Your kidneys also remove acid that is produced by the cells of your body and maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals—such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium – in your blood. Studies have shown that 85.97 % of las toxinas y  desechos in the human body, as well as Exceso de agua, are excreted through orina. When healthy kidneys are working, they can remove toxins and wastes from the body in time through micción, which will help promote lymphatic circulation, deal with the toxins and wastes discharged into the blood in the lymphatic circulation, and avoid the accumulation of toxins and wastes. Lymphatic blockage, which in turn causes lymphedema and swollen lymph nodes.

Kidneys also make hormones that help

  • Controla la presión arterial.
  • Makes red blood cells NIH external link
  • Keeps your bones strong and healthy
  • Improves bone hematopoietic function
  • Enhance blood circulation, lymph circulation
  • Eliminate lymphedema
  • Prevent urinary tract infection, chronic kidney disease,kidney stones

How does the kidney work?

Each of your kidneys is made up of about a million filtering units called nephrons. Each nephron includes a filter, called the glomerulus, and a tubule. The nephrons work through a two-step process: the glomerulus filters your blood, and the tubule returns needed substances to your blood and removes wastes.Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

Each nephron has a glomerulus to filter your blood and a tubule that returns needed substances to your blood and pulls out additional wastes. Wastes and extra water become urine.

Your blood circulates through your kidneys many times a day. In a single day, your kidneys filter about 150 quarts of blood. Most of the water and other substances that filter through your glomeruli are returned to your blood by the tubules. Only 1 to 2 quarts become urine.

Unfiltered blood flows into your kidneys through the renal artery and filtered blood exits through your renal vein. The ureter carries urine from the kidney to your bladder.

Factors affecting kidney health

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

Unhealthy kidney Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of CKD can develop over time if kidney damage progresses slowly. Loss of kidney function can lead to increased fluid or waste products, electrolyte problems, and lymphedema, among other things. Depending on the severity, loss of kidney function may result in:

The key ingredient that makes Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Kidney Care Patch so effective

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

Proven to solve kidney problems and give extensión de vida by preventing kidney damage. There are various benefits such as reducen la presión arterialbajar el azúcar en la sangrebajar los lípidos en la sangre, prevent atherosclerosisantioxidantescatequinassupplement blood, y  ECGC. They are also very effective for diabetes, and have inhibitory effects on various bacteria y  skin fungi.

Raíces de angélica
también conocido como el “stone breaker“, is a popular herbal folk remedy for cálculos renales. The herb is thought to help prevent calcium-oxalate stones from forming. It’s also believed to reduce the size of existing stones. Relevant authoritative research institutes in the United States have shown that Raíces de angélica pueden mejorar la inmunidadrelieve headache, insomnia, and effectively inhibit the formation of melanin such as freckles, dark spots, and age spots. Angelica also has the effect of treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

Japanese scientists have shown that it can inhibit the metastasis of sarcoma y  Lewis lung cancer, y también puede prevent chemical carcinogenesis y  Escherichia coli infection. At the same time, Belgian experts have confirmed that it can enhance the immune function of normal cells to células cancerosas. In addition, Epimedium can also prevenir el envejecimiento y  enfermedades cardiovascularesincrease male hormonesrelieve waist and leg paintos y asmaLa incontinencia urinariahipertensióncuestiones de, etc. caused by kidney yang deficiency. Mujeres menopáusicas also It can be used for health care.

¿Cómo funciona?

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Kidney Care Patch funciona mediante un proceso transdérmico; los ingredientes activos se administran a través de la piel para su distribución sistémica y se absorben lentamente en el torrente sanguíneo del cuerpo, lo que acelera la circulación y desintoxica las toxinas dañinas que afectan la función renal.

 Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Kidney Care Patch Key features

Revitalizar las funciones renales
Como estimula la sangre y acelera la circulación linfática, previene cualquier daño acumulativo del riñón y revitaliza su función.
Ayuda a desintoxicar los riñones contra las toxinas dañinas debido al riesgo y los malos hábitos de vida.
Mejora la salud general del cuerpo.
¡Esto elimina la fatiga, el cansancio y la picazón mientras aumenta la circulación que proporciona energía y fuerza!
Natural y seguro 
Combinamos poderosas hierbas para ayudar a mantener la salud renal: Polygonatum, Hippocampus Animal, Dried Angelica y Epimedium.
Proceso transdérmico
Mediante el uso de un parche adhesivo, los ingredientes activos se entregan a través de la piel para su distribución sistémica y se absorben lentamente en el cuerpo sin efectos secundarios.


“I love this patch! I was skeptical at first but it does what it claims. I have been suffering from dolor de espalda, due to my problemas de riñon, I tried this patch then right after use, I felt so relieved and relaxed! I recommend it for those who suffer like me!” -Alfred Blake, Ohio, USA

 Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

“2 months ago I was a kidney patient with less urine and reddish color. After seeing the advertisement of Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones on the Internet, I decided to place an order, because the price is not worth mentioning compared to going to the doctor. I stick to the patch on my tummy every night, and the next day has a boost of energy and no fatigue. After 5 semanas, urine returned to normal, recommended for patients who experienced the same as me.” —Laurie Ecklund, Collierville, USA

Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Parche para el cuidado de los riñones

“During my first gout attack, I was in so much pain that I desperately searched the internet for a cure, after seeing the Oveallgo™ MedMax Ultimate Kidney Care Patch I couldn’t wait to place an order, after 2 semanas of use, the swelling on my finger joints is gone , and no more pain.”–Pamela Keisler, TX , USA

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