Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas


Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas
Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas

Spot Removal Electric Beauty Pen works in 10 minutes or less. The pen has the power to clear up problem spots for years, not just a few months. It’s safe and easy to use; you’ll never have to worry about harsh creams or treatments again!

Let’s look at our happy customers.


"He estado usando el Spot Removal  Electric Beauty Pen for the past 7 weeks or so. My dark spots have cleared up by about 99%! It’s hard to believe that, like many of you, I have done everything I can to treat my dark spots for the past 20 years, and no, I don’t mean anything. Most treatments even make it worse. At some point, I convinced myself to live with this curse until I died. Now, I wake up in the morning and run to look in the mirror because, for years, I’ve dreamed of my dark spots disappearing and woke up to find it was just a dream. I just have to thank Pluma de eliminación de manchas for creating this miracle product in my life.”

Daniella Monte — Charlotte, Carolina del Norte

“I didn’t expect this small a device (and for this price) to be this effective. With just one application, the skin tag is completely removed. Extremely happy with the purchase and the results. Keep the setting, and it will take care of decent skin tags or other skin blemishes easily. Takes an average of 5 minutos per tag (smaller ones take much less).”

Trisha Natán — San Diego, California

Usted tiene alguna lunaresverrugas, or manchas oscuras that are bothering you? Do you just wish you could see smooth, and flawless skin for once? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Remove any blemishes, freckles, or moles painlessly with our Spot Removal  Electric Beauty Pen and achieve baby smooth, pigmentation-free, and finally flawless skin!

Spot Removal Electric Beauty Pen

Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas is using a new generation of plasma microdischarge technology with low temperature and high frequency, efficient capacity conversion material, and microcomputer chip control. When the needle touches the freckle skin, it produces plasma at high temperature immediately. When it touches the freckle spot, it will produce a small flame.

Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas

The microvascular will solidify quickly without bleeding. Then it will form carbon scabs and protect the wound skin from infection The scab will fade without leaving a scar after about a week.

Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas

Removal spot without hurting the normal skin and without blooding; easy carry; and easy operation.

Consist of 2 types of needles

  1. Aguja de Coares
  2. Aguja fina

Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas

Usar Aguja de Coares, electric ion carbonation functions instantly sweep tattoos, warts, fleshy areas, and other areas to achieve quick, safe, and side-effect-free medical cosmetic results.


Aguja fina is used on spots, freckles, moles, and skin tags. It employs a new generation of plasma microdischarge technology that operates at low temperatures and high frequencies.

This is why the Spot Removal Electric Beauty Pen is special

  • Removes all your unwanted skin spots.
  • An effective method that does not involve any pain or bleeding!
  • Producto seguro.
  • Skin spot remover that works quickly.
  • Corriente de engranaje ajustable.
  • Eliminación de tatuajes.
  • Confiable y conveniente.
  • Económico y puede funcionar para todo tipo de piel.

Camille’s 30-day report on the Spot Removal Electric Beauty Pen

Aquí está el resultado ...

Día 1

 Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas

“En el primer uso, noté un ligero hormigueo, así que comencé a aplicarlo todos los días. La sensación es genial cuando lo estoy usando en mi cara. es muy suave ¡Me gusta!"

Día 15

 Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas

“Han pasado 2 semanas y puedo ver una gran diferencia en mi rostro. Las pequeñas manchas oscuras que habían comenzado a aparecer alrededor de mis ojos ya no se notan, mis poros están cerrados y mi rostro brilla. Es como si acabara de hacerse un lavado de cara”.

Día 30

 Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas

“I’m getting compliments from my friends and colleagues. 4 weeks of using this Spotfree Electric Beauty Pen has resulted in significant changes.I don’t regret spending my money. However, I think when you start using this product, you need to commit and follow the instructions properly. Smoother and younger skin is proof that the product is working.”

Camille Smith — Tucson, Arizona

This Spot Removal Electric Beauty Pen saves you tons of money!

Spot Removal Electric Beauty Pens are meticulously designed to have a significant impact not only on your skin but also to save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Originally dark spots removal (Pigmentation Removal Treatment) only available clinically

 Lápiz de belleza eléctrico para eliminación de manchas

Con este producto, puede evitar sesiones costosas y citas que consumen mucho tiempo, y puede usarlo en casa, ahorrando dinero en transporte.

¡No pierda su tiempo o dinero en el costoso bolígrafo láser y deshágase de esos lunares, verrugas y manchas oscuras no deseados al instante! Este lápiz de belleza autoalimentado se puede usar fácilmente alrededor de la cara para obtener resultados rápidos y convenientes.

Cómo Utilizar:

  1. Elija la aguja apropiada para instalar.
  2. Press the power button long enough to turn it on.
  3. Presione el botón OUT para comenzar a trabajar y suelte el botón OUT para dejar de funcionar.

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