Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura


Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura
Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura

Hear What Our Happy And Satisfied Customers Trina Smith And Jessica Martin Say About Temperature Monitor Therapeutic Ring

Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura

“I’ve been using the Temperature Monitor Therapeutic Ring for a few weeks, and I’m already down 10 pounds. I’ve tried so many things over the years but what I like about this ring is that it’s sleek, easy to use and definitely works!!—I’m now in the best shape of my life, and I couldn’t be happier about it!” – Trina., 42, Georgia USA –

Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura

“I love my temperature monitor ring. It helps me lose weight, and it’s such a pleasure to wear! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I’m down over 10 pounds. With the temperature monitor ring, you don’t have to worry about stepping on the scale every day or counting calories. You just wear it, and it does all the work for you. It’s also great because it’s pretty enough that I can wear it every day as an accessory too!” – Jessica., 39, Texas – 

The Science of Using Temperature to Lose and Reduce Body Fat

Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to eat whatever they want without gaining weight, while others can’t seem to lose a single pound no matter how hard they try? The answer lies in their body temperature.

Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura

IT’S TRUE: It is believed that higher body temperature improves blood circulation and metabolism rate, which in turn activate fat burn. Consequently, your body temperature increases, and you sweat profusely. As a result, causing fat reduction and weight loss.

Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura

Introducing Temperature Monitor Therapeutic Ring: The Best Way to Keep Your Temperature and Weight Under Control 

We’re not just talking about a few pounds here—we mean get-your-body-in-shape, feel-like-a-million-bucks, drop-the-sugar, get-on-the-scale-and-it’s-a-new number kind of weight loss.

EL Anillo Terapéutico Monitor de Temperatura helps you keep your weight in check by monitoring your body temperature, which can give you a better idea of whether or not you’re burning fat. And it also helps deshacerse del exceso de peso mediante el control de la temperatura de su cuerpo. Cuando se detecta la temperatura corporal, se liberan ondas que le indican al cuerpo que relaja los músculos, controla los ciclos de sueño, mejora la circulación sanguínea y mantiene un equilibrio saludable entre el sueño y la energía.

What Is It Made Up Of And How Does It Work?

  • Titanio – increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat faster. It  has been shown to increase lean muscle mass while reducing body fat, which can help you slim down over time. 
  • Terapia Infrarroja – as a temp. sensor and stimulates blood circulation while detoxifying at the same time

Excellent Benefits of Temperature Monitor Therapeutic Ring

  • Overnight Tracking –  Track The Trends of Your Overnight Temp. & Heart Rate
  • Built-in Memory –  Work Independently
  • Comfortable Wear –  Weighs Only 15 grams | Completely Free Your Finger
  • Transmissive Oximetry –  More Sensitive on Your Body Index and More Accurate Across All Finger Size

Sleek, comfortable, accurate. Temperature Monitor Therapeutic Ring fits seamlessly into your life, all night and all day

Take A Look At Margaret’s Ultimate Experience with Temperature Monitor Therapeutic Ring

Antes de usar:

As I got older, I started to notice that every year it seemed like I would gain an extra pound or two. When my friend told me about the Temperature Monitor Therapeutic Ring, I decided to give it a try. 

Después de Usar:

By the end of the first month, all my old clothes were too big for me! After using the Temperature Monitor Therapeutic Ring for a few months, I noticed that my metabolism was speeding up, and I was definitely and effectively losing weight.  It was like magic! I have been keep using for 4 months now, you can see the result thats significant!


Para usar el anillo terapéutico del monitor de temperatura, simplemente colóquelo en su dedo. El termómetro leerá su temperatura y la mostrará en Celsius.

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