Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO


Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO
Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO

We offer customized Anti-Aging soluciones to address a variety of signs of aging, including deep wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, crow’s feet, uneven skin tone, and dry skin. Whatever your specific concerns may be, we have a remedy that can help rejuvenate your skin.
Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO

Únente the thousands of women who are already experiencing transformative results with our products and see for yourself why our customers rave about us. Try our products today and discover the difference for yourself. 

I’m a fan of smoking and drinking, but it’s really taken a toll on my skin. It’s gotten all dull and wrinkly, which makes me look way older than my buds. Luckily, my doc recommended this Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence stuff. I’ve been using it for just a week and my skin’s already looking so much better! And after un mes, those pesky wrinkles have really started to fade and my skin’s way more elastic. Now I’m looking más joven que mis amigos and feeling like a million bucks! Seriously, if you’re dealing with skin issues, you gotta try this product – it’s super effective and easy to use!

–Sarah Johnson

Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO

 Soy 68 and time has done a number on my face, leaving me with arrugas y manchas. My skin is super sensitive and I have to be careful with what I use, ’cause a lot of products give me allergies. But, I finally found something that works for me – Hankte™ Nanoparticle Peptides-Deep Skin Anti-Wrinkle Essence. It’s safe, gentle, and works like a charm. Después just 2 weeks of using it, my skin feels firmer and my collagen is being repaired. I swear by this stuff now and use it every single day. It’s like a time machine for my face – I look 10 years younger!

–Ashley Smith

Causas del envejecimiento de la piel:

Envejecimiento, tabaquismo, consumo excesivo de alcohol, la falta de sueño y los malos hábitos alimenticios, la radiación ultravioleta, la contaminación ambiental, los problemas endocrinos, el estrés y la tensión a largo plazo, estos factores pueden hacer que la piel pierda su elasticidad y humedad, se seque, se arrugue y se caiga, y dañe la piel. células y fibrina, que afecta negativamente a la piel.
Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO

Tpkiti™ focuses on quality components that work together to maximize their efficiency. The addition of NIA-114 technology completes the functionality of Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence, making it the ultimate facial Anti-Aging Essence.


La función principal de NIA-114 technology is to promote the repair and regeneration of skin cells, enhance the function of the skin barrier, improve the skin’s tolerance to the external environment, and relieve skin inflammation and sensitivity. Studies have shown that NIA-114 technology can stimulate the Reparación del ADN mechanism of skin cells to prevent DNA damage, thereby reducing the appearance of skin aging and wrinkles.
Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO

Consta de 6 ingredientes clave para Hankte™ Nanoparticle Peptides-Deep Skin Anti-Wrinkle Essence

NIA-114: (Niacin Diformyl Ethylenediamide) boosts collagen, firms skin, reduces wrinkles, strengthens barriers, neutralizes radicals, lessens damage from stress, reduces melanin, evens complexion, and fights inflammation. It reduces evaporation, pollutant damage, and inflammatory response, making skin brighter, more even, and less red.

Matrixyl 3000  reduces wrinkles, boosts skin cell metabolism for regeneration, stimulates repair, and enhances elasticity, resulting in a more youthful appearance of the skin.

Acido hialurónico, a potent natural moisturizer, promotes collagen synthesis, repairs tissue, and enhances elasticity, radiance, and balance while locking in moisture.

Escualano, a natural product, reduces free radicals, aging, and inflammation, protects cells, and moisturizes skin, preventing dryness and inflammation-related diseases.

Vitamina C fights free radicals, reduces aging, enhances skin quality, stimulates collagen, repairs, and reduces inflammation and sensitivity.

Ceramida: natural barrier, reduces water loss, prevents irritation, improves skin quality, promotes renewal and repair, used in skincare.”

Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO
Presentamos Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence: Dr.
Suero recomendado por teóricos. Aborda las líneas finas, la sequedad, las manchas de la edad y más para todo tipo de piel. Mezcla y personaliza con otros ingredientes. Seguro para la piel sensible, proporciona una tez radiante y juvenil y una solución asequible para el cuidado de la piel.

This is why Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence is special

  • Dermatologo probado
  • Seguro de usar y se puede utilizar tanto de día como de noche.
  • Borrar -95.36% de arrugas y líneas finas
  • + 93.2% Firmeza e Hidratación Facial
  • Ilumina + 95.6% de tu piel apagada
  • Reparador e Hidratante al mismo tiempo
  • Se absorbe rápidamente con un acabado no graso, no pegajoso y no obstruye los poros.
  • Puede ser completamente absorbido por la piel.
  • Piel científicamente más suave y tersa
  • Sin parabenos, sin sulfatos, formulado sin ftalatos, sin fragancia sintética
  • 100% VEGANO Y LIBRE DE CRUELDAD ¡seguro para el planeta, los animales y para ti!
  • Adecuado para todo tipo de piel: piel seca, piel grasa, piel mixta, piel sensible y piel madura
  • Para mantener nuestros estrictos estándares de calidad en todo el proceso de selección de ingredientes, todos los productos Hankte™ se fabrican y empaquetan exclusivamente en los EE.UU.

Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO

Let’s take a look at what customers around the world say about Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence

Therefore, I am a person who has given birth and is still working hard. The huge pressure has caused the wrinkles on my face to increase sharply, my face is dull, and I have become extremely old. Luckily, my friend came to my rescue with some Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence! After just three weeks of use, my skin looks smoother and more elastic than ever. Now, I’m obsessed with this stuff and want to recommend this product to everyone who has skin issues.–Elizabeth Brown

Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence PRO

yo gasto thousands of dollars a year on grooming, which is a huge expense that I can hardly afford. And it didn’t work. I purchased Tpkiti™ NIA-114 Deep Anti-Aging Skin Essence online. After using it, I found that the skin se convirtió en más suave, and the dark spots and wrinkles on the face gradually faded. I will continue to use it to bring my skin back to a more youthful state!-Jessica Davis

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